This toolkit has been developed as an easy reference to support you to address and manage all performance related and general disciplinary issues with supporting guidelines, templates and resources to assist you. The templates are done for you, so now you’re ready to get cracking.

HR Toolkits | Performance Management Toolkit


$395 plus GST per annum


  • Disciplinary Policy

  • Abandonment of Employment Policy

  • Abandonment of Employment Guidelines

  • Abandonment of Employment Letter #1

  • Abandonment of Employment Letter #2

  • Trial Period Guidelines

  • Trial Period Termination Letter

  • Suspension Guidelines

  • Suspension Letter

  • Discipline & Dismissal Guidelines

  • Invitation to Formal Disciplinary Meeting

  • Dismissal Letters

  • Written Warning Letters

  • Performance Improvement Plan

  • Performance Improvement Guidelines and Letters

  • Formal Complaint Form - Bullying & Harassment