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Health & Safety

With businesses facing increasing complexity around Health & Safety in the workplace, we realise that the burden of keeping up to date and compliant with workplace safety is challenging for business owners. 

Health and Safety legislation has implications that stretch beyond manual and machinery operated businesses to every corner of every industry.  For most, navigating the implications of the legislation is simply too hard.  But never fear, that is where we can help support you with an easy to use and fully supported system, so you can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands with a trusted partner.


Create a safer workplace


For a low-cost monthly subscription you receive access to your own branded management system containing all the policy statements, systems, forms, and assistance required under the Health & Safety Act 2015.  Completed forms are stored in a searchable repository within the system to prevent accidental deletion or tampering.

Simple online management system


As part of our system set-up we will come to your workplace to complete an on-site induction and training session for your staff.


Modules include:


  • Induction covering management and work responsibilities, including work questionnaire

  • Health & Safety goal setting followed by assistance with hazard and risk identification and control and PPE responsibilities

  • Coaching through the notifiable event system and the reporting responsibilities

  • Finalising your Health and Safety Policy statement documents

Compliance services you can trust


All the support you need

Once your personalised Health & Safety management system is up and running, we’ll be there to support you through complimentary phone and email support.  Additional services including on-site assistance can be provided.  We can support you in a range of ways - from staff inductions to full on-site health and safety management.


On-site services can include:


  • Health and safety management duties

  • Investigations and self-assessments

  • Ongoing hazard identification, control and hazard training

  • Safety Star Rating assessments

  • Ongoing health and safety staff inductions, training and coaching


Find out how to protect your business today 

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