Our key driver is to ensure that you always have a trusted, straight-talking advocate for your business.

No problem is too big or too small for us to assist you with. We’ll always provide solid and sound advice and have your back when you need it.

What they’re saying…


Tracey Moerkerk, Operations Director, GrabOne

“I have been fortunate to work with Kim in a number of different organisations over the past 10 years. She is a pragmatic, experienced and insightful HR professional and her extensive HR knowledge has been invaluable to me and the companies we've worked for.”

Tracey Moerkerk

Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter, National Sales Manager Fab Group (Caci Clinic)

“Having worked alongside Kim in numerous roles and across two different companies, I have found Kim to be an extremely valuable asset to have on your side! She is a very experienced HR professional who has amazing insight into how people and businesses work together. She is straight shooter but also a real 'people person' who can relate to anyone on any level. I can highly recommend her and would be very keen to work with her again.”

Jo Mills, Co-founder/president, Fuel 50

“Kim is an insightful and pragmatic HR Consultant. During my working time with her at APN and previously at Sheffield, I have been consistently impressed with her down to earth approach, ability to build relationships and deliver to business objectives.”

Jo Mills

Josh Borthwick

Josh Borthwick, Entrepreneur And Business Leader

“Kim's a fantastic asset as a double check or experienced process advisor She has in-depth experience in the field and she's great fun to work with!”

Peter Revell, Sales Manager, Nzme

“Looking forward to working with Kim again is testament to how much respect I have for her and her work ethic. Highly astute and very clever in her approach to ensure every part of a project is completed properly. Kim is incredibly honest and supports only the best decisions.”

Peter Revell

Louise Thompson

louise thompson, life coach, author and keynote speaker

“Kim was absolutely invaluable. Professional, thorough, well informed. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and a very safe pair of hands.”

Rob Dexter, Director, DCM Process Control

“Kim’s skills have ensured staff issues are dealt with promptly and in a way which ensured a clear understanding of the issues by both staff and management. More importantly she has taught me the skills required to deal with staff in a way which prevents issues arising and where they do to take action at the earliest stage.This has included a lesson on the importance of fronting up to issues as a leader rather than waiting too long and having to deal with the consequences. Anyone wanting a skilled and personable approach to HR support would do well to engage Kim.”

Rob Dexter