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Legal Services

Employment Law For Employers

As an employer organisation, we offer specialised legal services tailored exclusively to our employer members. Our approach to legal services is in perfect harmony with our Cinch philosophy of "no fluff HR" – providing clear, straightforward guidance to demystify the complicated world of HR and employment relations alongside its legal risks and ramifications.

We are trusted legal advisors to many companies across many industries. Although we exclusively represent employers, our extensive tenure means we can approach workplace issues from all angles, ensuring we deliver reliable expertise and effective solutions.

With Cinch HR Legal Services, we equip you with the knowledge to navigate HR challenges with confidence — say goodbye to complex legal jargon and hello to practical, actionable advice that gets results.

Our Approach

We believe in taking a proactive approach by working alongside our clients to mitigate risk and prevent workplace issues from arising wherever possible. This involves providing proactive advice and educational resources, such as workshops for managers. Even straightforward employment relations matters can benefit from the expertise of a legal professional.

Whenever you need us in your corner, and whatever your requirements are, you can expect a competent, professional, and personable experience from us. This includes ensuring that we identify and uphold your interests, and provide clear and timely legal advice, so you make informed decisions. We hold values such as trust, respect and integrity in high regard.

With Cinch HR, you can trust that you're in good hands.


Our Services

We are experts and can assist in areas including:

  • Responding to and resolving personal grievances

  • Exit negotiations

  • Mediation and litigation

  • Workplace investigations (e.g. for bullying)

  • Strategic and legal advice on restructures and redundancies,
    performance management, and disciplinary procedures

  • Dismissals and suspensions

  • Guidance around the enforcement of restraints of trade or other post-employment obligations

  • Advice on employee leave entitlements and obligations under the Holidays Act

  • Compliance with minimum employment standards, including Labour Inspector investigations and proceedings

  • Status disputes (contractors vs. employees)

  • Strategic and legal advice on Holidays Act remediations

  • Drafting and reviewing of tailored employment agreements and workplace policies

  • The interpretation and application of employment agreements

  • Union matters

  • Employment aspects of mergers & acquisitions

  • Health and safety legislation

  • Employment implications of human rights and privacy legislation

  • Remuneration aspects, including commission schemes and bonuses.

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Michael Witt

Managing Solicitor

Michael is a German and New Zealand qualified barrister and solicitor. He holds a Master of Laws degree from Victoria University Wellington which was awarded with distinction. Michael has dedicated his legal career to specialising in employment law.


Prior to joining Cinch, Michael held positions as a Senior Solicitor at New Zealand’s biggest Employer and Business Associations in the lower North Island and upper South Island. Michael has also held other positions in New Zealand and overseas as in-house Counsel in the private and public sectors, including the New Zealand Police, the Hamburg Employment Court and Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, and in national and multinational law firms.

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Our clients rave about our legal services

"I have worked with Michael Witt for a number of years and have found him to be one of the best employment lawyers in the country."

National HR Manager of an International commercial Real Estate Management/Maintenance company.

Cinch Legal Services provides us with an outstanding level of expertise. The level of trust we have with Michael and his team to navigate through some often-complex issues is second to none.  Top of their game!

Director, NZ Group Investment Company


Get on top of your legal headaches now!

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