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About us

Cinch HR is all about demystifying HR “people stuff” and providing peace of mind to SME businesses through "no-fluff" HR solutions. 

We are absolutely passionate about supporting and driving the success of businesses, so we thrive on providing hassle free, down to earth and professional HR support and advice so businesses can crack on and do just that.

  • Just need software? Just need consulting? Just need legal advice? Or all of the above? No problem - you can pick and choose what service you require with no hidden costs or lock-in periods.

  • Our HR software is super easy to use, and makes managing all of your HR processes and documents a breeze.

  • You get a dedicated HR Specialist - not an impersonal conversation after waiting in a call centre queue.

  • We have a team of highly regarded Employment Lawyers should you require legal support at any time.

  • Our consulting team offer virtual and on-site support (when required) - because sometimes the support you need is better delivered on-site alongside you.

  • We do not take the ambulance at the end of cliff approach - our HR Specialists will understand your business and work alongside you to build your confidence in supporting you with everything HR.

  • Our software system is legally compliant and self-serviceable - we remove the frustration by providing a system that is reliable, compliance led, easy to use and ensures a timely process guided by your needs.

  • Our approach across our services is simple, "no fluff".  Our team is professional yet down-to-earth, we are at the fore-front taking a commercially savvy approach to ensure we deliver outcomes that are second to none for your business.  We truly care about our clients and our personal touch ensures we always build long standing, respected and loyal partnerships - no matter how big or small your requirements are.


Why we're different


Why outsource your HR function?


You save time & hassle

Outsourcing the HR function can provide numerous benefits your company, particularly in saving time and reducing hassle. With Cinch's comprehensive HR outsourced consultancy services, companies can be supported to ensure their HR tasks at any level by a dedicated HR specialist who will understand your business, allowing you to focus on driving business success.


By leveraging Cinch's expertise, you can ensure compliance, processes, projects and often sometimes complex issues are can be delivered whenever needed.


Cinch offers a seamless blend of self-service options and expert assistance, providing you with peace of mind and the assurance that their HR needs are efficiently met.


Don’t waste time worrying about whether you’ve missed something – with Cinch on your side, you can feel secure about getting things done when you need them, with just the right mix of self-service and professional support.



You gain broader expertise & significant cost saving

Having an in-house person even at a mid to senior level and ensuring they have a continued level of upskilling and experience is extremely costly and often restrictive. With Cinch, you get all the features of our online system, together with your own Senior HR Business Partner, backed by a team of HR and legal professionals for a fraction of the cost of one in-house person.


The cost saving is significant and you’ll have access to a broader range of skills and experience, giving you the highest quality of service at your fingertips.


Leadership Team

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Kim Rippin
Founder & CEO

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Annika Doggett 
Operations & Strategic HR Business Specialist

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Benoit Chabord
Chief Digital Officer

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Michael Witt
Legal Counsel

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Hype & Dexter

We created Hype & Dexter for APAC businesses who want to drive change and growth.

We bring a human approach to digital transformation for businesses who want to grow. And we're passionate about APAC businesses leading the world in technology, agility and productivity.

Hype & Dexter was created because the wrong technology, bad implementation, poor adoption and lack of evolution are the only 4 reasons why transformations fail. There is no reason to accept any of them, and we knew we had the expertise to do it better ourselves.

Kirsten Leng

Kirsten Leng has dedicated her career to transforming behaviour, accelerating performance, and fuelling resilience to activate and implement what makes organisations and leaders succeed.  

Kirsten is a keynote speaker, facilitator, performance coach and behaviour change specialist, who helps ambitious organisations, leaders and professionals’ level up. Her pragmatic approach is underpinned by globally accepted best-practice theories which can be implemented, measured, and sustained. 


If you’re committed to change, you’ll discover how to maximise your impact, perform at the top of your game, and thrive with the space and freedom to focus on what matters.


Trade Jobs NZ

Trade Jobs NZ is Aotearoa's Recruitment platform built for the trades. They aren't your run-of-the-mill job board. They take trades vacancies and put them where tradies are, whether it's on social media, over the radio or on their purpose built job-site. Trade Jobs NZ knows what tradies are looking for, where they are and supports trades employers to find and hire them. It's Hi-Vis Recruitment that works.


WorkCare is New Zealand’s premiere drug and alcohol risk assessment agency. We are the only risk assessment company that offers a one-stop shop, from drug and alcohol testing to education and Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation programs. WorkCare’s goal is to create a safe work environment for local businesses.  By testing employees for drug and alcohol use as well as educating employers and employees about the consequence of drug and alcohol use in the workplace, they are helping to strengthen communities.


Kiwi Work Safe

Kiwi Work Safe is a New Zealand owned and operated company, dedicated to making health and safety work for your business. We believe every employee has the right to go home safely at the end of the day - and that every organization should expect nothing less. That’s where they come in. As leaders in occupational health and safety (previously OSH) Kiwi Work Safe offer companies’ peace of mind by providing comprehensive, affordable services and advice throughout New Zealand. We are experts at implementing the management systems and controls you need to keep staff safe every day.


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