Cinch is all about understanding that every small business has unique issues and challenges. We appreciate that you want to get shit done, cut out all the HR guff and take a measured twice, cut once approach.

Our approach is simple, it’s a no fluff one - we own that - we are able to provide professional and robust guidance based on what we’ve learnt over many years of supporting small businesses to optimise their people investment.

By understanding what your end goal is first and then providing your business with the right advice, we can guide, support and develop your HR solutions to remove wasted time, energy and stress.

We are flexible, pragmatic and down to earth.

We know how important it is to balance your business needs while never losing sight of your employees’ perspective and your business culture.

If you’ve got an issue or problem that is keeping you up at night, give us a call us to get the lowdown on how we can help you.

Contact us on 0800 CINCH1 (246 241) and/or

HR Consultancy



In business, it’s likely that from time to time that you’ll come unstuck and not know what to do or where to turn. This is where our general consultancy service can benefit you.

We provide generalist consultancy advice for commonly experienced HR issues that can either be part of your bigger plan or just a one-off situation that you need sorted.

General consultancy is broad and we know it - one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your people, so call us to discuss your needs and we can let you know our approach to getting what you need done.


As a small business we know that NZ employment law can look like it is designed to trip you up and can be very intimidating. It can even feel like it’s written with a lot of jargon that can be a pain to interpret. When undertaking any HR process, the devil is in the detail.

We provide practical and easy to understand specialist advice and solutions to work alongside you to support the more complex HR situations you may encounter. With Cinch, you can save precious time and money and know that the you are getting the right advice to not get tripped up along the way.

We have a highly skilled team who have seen it all before, so call us now and we can advise you on the best approach to getting what you need done.



When undertaking any complex project or business strategy, the being meticulous is key.

We will work alongside your company to provide collaborative and sensible advice and solutions to take your vision, business plan and organisational culture to the next level.

Let us show you our innovative and forward thinking approach to your project and how to lead from the front with your people strategy.

escalated legal employment support

Employment law can be a minefield and things can sometimes go wayward in the workplace - yes it happens, but don’t stress.

We have a legal expert on hand to undertake any escalated legal support and handle any complex and/or highly challenging situations.

Having a legal expert on your side is extremely important to avoid costly disputes and assist with personal grievances and/or cases that may head to court where you need to be strongly represented.