VARIATION to Terms & Conditions Letter

Businesses move at high speeds these days and as such, so too do the markets in which we operate. Therefore, sometimes circumstances can change due to company and/or legislative changes requiring you to make amendments (or variations) to an employee’s employment agreement. It should be noted that certain terms and conditions are protected more than others i.e. salary or hours of work and consultation must be done in line with their employment agreement and the Employment Relations Act 2000. It’s unlawful to just decide to make changes to an employee’s existing terms and conditions without consulting with the employee first. Changing terms and conditions can sometimes be a pretty complex area when balancing the needs of the business and your employees, so if you are unsure of your legal obligations, don’t hesitate to ask us for advice.

Employment Agreements Variation to Terms & Conditions Letter

when to use

This letter should be used when you have completed your consultation process and are now confirming in writing any variations to the employee’s existing terms and conditions of employment.


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