pROFESSIONAL SERVICES bells & whistles

Garnishing the premium subscription a little more, this Professional services kit gives you the full comprehensive suite of employment agreements, Policies and Tool-kits together with access to 2 hours per annum of general consultancy advice so you have everything you need to future proof your business. Pretty sweet deal if you ask us.

Professional Services Bells & Whistles Subscription


$120 per month plus GST (or pay annual at 10% discounted rate of $1,296 per annum plus GST)


  • All Employment Agreements

  • All Policies - Workplace Behaviour Policy, Drugs & Alcohol Policy, Bullying & Harassment Policy, Disciplinary Policy, Abandonment Policy, Recruitment Policy, Business Expense Policy, Motor Vehicle Policy, Leave Policy, Mobile Phone Policy, Remuneration Policy, Social Media Policy, Diversity Policy, Travel Policy, Training & Development Policy, Flexible Working Policy, Abandonment Policy, IT Device Policy, Privacy Policy, Domestic Violence Policy

  • Recruitment Toolkit

  • Onboarding Toolkit

  • Leave Toolkit

  • Exit Toolkit

  • Performance Management Toolkit

  • Restructuring Toolkit

  • Organisational Learning & Development Toolkit

  • 2 Hours of General Consultancy Advice per annum

  • Automated Legislation Updates

  • Webinars

  • 0800 Hotline

how it works

Step 1 Add your brand - Step 2 Add your business requirements - Step 3 Download - Step 4 Automated updates loaded and ready for you