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Managing 90-day trial periods: free guidelines for employers

Updated: May 4, 2021

You probably saw an article in the news recently about an employer who fell foul of the new legislation around 90-day trial periods.

To save you a click, here’s a summary: A recent Employment Relations Authority ruling has awarded an employee $3,800 for two and half day’s work. The Employer claimed to dismiss the Employee under a trial period for spending too much time taking selfies in his first couple of days of employment. Sounds fairly reasonable some might say?! The Authority however ruled he was technically an employee and the Employer dismissed him without following proper procedures. The error? The Employer did not follow the guidelines around Trial Periods and in this case did not include a clause correctly in the employee’s employment agreement. Don’t fall short like this Employer! I’ve put together some guidelines for employers to managing trial periods. So if you want to know the recommended process download them now via the form below:



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