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A Cut Above the Rest: How Cinch is Making Its Mark on the HR Landscape

We proudly call ourselves a ‘trusted HR partner’ ...but what does this actually mean? To us, being a trusted partner is about being a straight-talking advocate for your business, having a solution-focused approach to helping you with problems, and giving the best advice whenever you need it.

All of these practices are backed up by our simple but highly effective HR system, so whether you need sleek new software that makes handling HR a breeze, or a combination of software and consulting services, we’ve got you covered. Being New Zealand owned and operated, we know the HR landscape like the back of our hand and are passionate and invested in supporting SME businesses as a true HR partner.

Since the start of CinchHR and with continued growth, we’ve had incredibly positive feedback about how we’re helping our customers to revolutionise the way they handle HR – and even though every business is unique, we found many connecting themes between each customer’s story. To really understand what makes our customers tick, we reached out to them to find out exactly what they love about CinchHR, so you’re not just hearing it from us! Here are some of the major reasons our customers rate us so highly:

Removes Stress from Managing HR

For any stress and confusion that can come with managing HR, Cinch’s software has been designed to remove all the headaches associated with compliance, contracts, and people management. It really is the total package, an all-in-one system that allows you to self-service and manage HR in your own time, without having to wait in call centre queues to get things done. Here’s Steve from Birkenhead Brewing Co’s take on how Cinch is saving his bacon:

CinchHR is my lifesaver. HR has always been a burden in my past businesses and that headache went away the moment I deployed CinchHR. I’m always an advocate of surrounding myself with the best people and systems and CinchHR is just simply the best for me in this case. I can scale up and always depend on the excellent advice when I get the rare bump in the road. I only have 10 people in my business at the moment and the compliance, contract management and employee management is perfect for my place. Consistency is key and this platform delivers it in spades. I believe CinchHR is saving my butt, money and time! Steve Simms, Beer Baron, Birkenhead Brewing Co

Easy To Use and Tailored to Fit

One of the most common pieces of feedback we get from customers is just how easy CinchHR is to use, and how quickly customers become confident at using the platform. Our system really does handle it all - from storing digital files securely, to hosting a library of company policies, to allowing you to automate HR processes… all while ensuring compliance best practice, so you’ve got one less thing to worry about. Dean from QCD & Shade Elements shares his experience using the CinchHR platform:

“CinchHR were selected to be HR partner of choice for QCD & SHADE ELEMENTS following a period of rapid growth to ensure we were compliant with our policies. Their platform is easy to use, keeps us fully up to date around legislative compliance and also gives us the ability to draw up employment agreements ourselves within the system which saves us so much time and enables a smooth onboarding experience. When we commenced a major restructure and recruitment project our dedicated HR Business Partner guided and supported us throughout the whole process. They remain a close part of our business supporting us across all functions of human resource management. We have found CinchHR’s approach to be upfront, honest and direct. CinchHR have taken the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of our business, strategy and objectives. The CinchHR team provide us with a consistently high level of service that always meets our expectations” Dean Crackett, General Manager at QCD/Shade Elements

Understands Your Business and Supports Your Growth

A major element of what sets us apart from the rest is that we’re not just offering incredible HR software, with CinchHR you also get a dedicated HR Business Partner who will learn the ins and outs of your business and its people, to make sure that you’re getting a level of professional support that is second to none. For one monthly fee our customers enjoy the full power of our software, plus you can upgrade to our Premium Cinch Package for additional support hours. Vikas from Ray White highlights this in his testimonial – find out why CinchHR was the perfect solution the needs of his business:

CinchHR has been the perfect solution for our business – their digital platform is not only user-friendly but has the capability to be adapted to the very specific requirements of our business. The system provides us with total confidence, giving us the ability to draw up all employment agreements which allows us to on-board staff quickly and efficiently. It also offers great compliance functions such as providing our employees with online access to company policies, allowing our HR processes to run seamlessly. We chose to go with one of their packages that includes set hours of monthly consulting support and provides us with our own dedicated HR Specialist, who truly understands the unique needs of our business. The support we receive (both over the phone and coming on onsite when this is required at any time) is of the highest calibre. This has been hugely beneficial not only from a time perspective but also importantly for us, it is having absolute trust and confidence in the advice and support provided. Cinch truly follows their ''no fluff" HR model taking a straight up, outcome focussed approach. I would strongly recommend CinchHR to any business, whether you are looking for a standalone easy to use HR software solution, or a package that combines both the software and having a dedicated HR Specialist, as an excellent solution to the huge cost and at times lack of broad Senior HR experience that comes with bringing this in-house. Vikas Verma, General Manager, Ray White City Realty Group Limited

We call ourselves a trusted HR business partner because when our customers succeed, that’s success for us too. If you’re interested in discovering first-hand why Cinch really is the best HR solution, we would love to hear from you so feel free to get in touch.



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