Intern Employment Agreement

In this day and age, it’s fair to say that many small businesses are seeing the advantages of hiring interns and creating roles that often lead to hiring for future positions or for covering work during peak periods. However, it is recommended that you avoid hiring interns on a whim and instead provide them with a meaningful work experience that can benefit their career prospects and your business needs. You both need to get something valuable out of the experience, so be sure to think it through and consult us for advice should you feel uncertain about any step of the process.

Employment Agreements Intern Employment Agreement

when to use

Internships can either be paid or unpaid depending on the circumstances. However, either way you are required to provide an employment agreement that will cover all your employment obligations. An Intern Agreement should be used for anyone you are looking to hire for work experience.


$150 plus GST per annum

how it works

Step 1 Select Industry - Step 2 Select Employment Agreement - Step 3 Buy - Step 4 Brand - Step 5 Customise - Step 6 Download