Independent Contractors Agreement

Upon entering into any Independent Contractors Agreement, it’s critical as a business owner to stipulate that you are clear whether you are engaging the individual as an employee or a contractor from the get go. The person cannot assume both roles as there are different rights and responsibilities for both the company and the individual.

Employment Agreements Independent Contractors Agreement

when to use

This agreement should be used when engaging self-employed people who will perform services under a contract for service (Independent Contractors Agreement) and invoice you for these services. They will pay their own taxes, expenses and any levies and will not be covered by most employment-related laws covered under individual employment agreements. This means they don’t get things like annual leave, sick leave or benefits and can’t bring employment-related personal grievances against the business. If you are still unsure the difference between an employee vs contractor, give us a call and we can help you out.


$150 plus GST per annum

how it works

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