Our H&S toolkit systems are your no fluff resource for managing all your Health & Safety requirements within the NZ legislative framework. With two options to choose from our toolkits have been developed as a practical and easy framework to ensure you are effectively managing a safe and healthy workplace. Whether you want an easy reference do it yourself option or a fully serviced system we will have you sorted so you can just crack on with business.

Health & Safety Toolkit
HR Toolkits | Health and Safety Toolkit

Self Service pricing

$695 plus GST per annum


  • Health & Safety at Work Policy

  • Health & Safety Meeting Agenda

  • Toolbox Talk Meeting Agenda

  • Annual Safety Implementation Plan

  • Engagement of Contractors Procedure

  • Contractor Health & Safety Assessment Checklist

  • Health & Safety Employee Induction Checklist

  • Workplace Quarterly Inspection Checklist

  • Event Report Form

  • Emergency Management Policy

  • Reporting and investigation Policy

  • Risk Register

  • Hazardous Substance Register

  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification Procedure

  • Task Analysis Form

  • Onsite Training & Competency Register

  • Staff H&S Training Policy

  • Lone Worker Policy

  • Lone Worker Risk Assessment Form

  • Return to Work Plan

  • Working from Home Policy

  • Working from Home Ergonomic Assessment

HR Toolkits | Health and Safety Toolkit


$1,500 plus GST per annum


  • Online Health & Safety Management System

  • Policy statements with full definitions

  • All required templates in MS Word format with 1 MS Word online license

  • Document repository with full audit trail

  • Notifiable Events investigations / self-assessment templates and reporting

  • Near miss investigations and reporting

  • Accidents and incidents reporting

  • Meeting reminders and agenda

  • Trial evacuation reminders and agenda

  • Refresher training reminders

  • Hazard identification and management system

  • Contractor induction and management system

also included:

  • Health & Safety Management System user training

  • Initial user training

  • Refresher or new user training by phone or Skype

  • Compliance team assistance – Online or by phone

  • Assistance with any health & safety related queries

  • Assistance with completing templates and forms

  • Assistance with adding documentation to system

  • Assistance with accidents, incidents, near hits

  • Assistance with all requests for information

  • Assistance with lodging documents to Worksafe

  • Assistance with workplace investigations / self-assessments

  • Assistance with hazard identification and management

  • Advice on any equipment purchases