Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement

A Confidentiality (or Non-Disclosure) Disclosure Agreement is an agreement between two people or companies where the parties agree to protect the confidential information of one or both of the parties. This is so information including company secrets are not misused in any way. Put simply, it’s an agreement which allows you to feel more comfortable revealing confidential information that you may not otherwise disclose, so you can continue to discuss information openly and honestly.  

Employment Agreements Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement

when to use

Confidentiality Agreements can be used for a variety of reasons for parties who are both internal and external to your business. Such examples may include hiring a new employee, contractor or third party who will have access to confidential information, trade secrets or other valuable commercial information about the company. It can also include investment, business sale agreements, partnerships, internal employee investigations or restructuring projects that may involve divulging confidential information about an individual or a business plan during that process. All in all, it’s about preventing critical information from falling into the wrong hands and safeguarding it for those who require it.


$150 plus GST per annum

how it works

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